Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stop whispering!

I am in the middle of a move which is hard on my heart. Each car load is difficult and sometimes tear-filled. But I am getting through it. Too often, it is so much easier to let the world decide your fate when things get tough. Not this time. I will not let this or any other hardships in life beat me down.

Driving to class today, I popped in the Radiohead album Pablo Honey. Skipping around the CD while sitting at a stoplight, I settled on a song I had not heard in years: Stop Whispering. A light turned on inside me as I sang along and I found a joy filling me, despite the difficult day. Stop Whispering is about standing up into your own life. "Stop whispering, start shouting," singer Yorke advocates. Don't let other people tell you to be quiet! It is your life. Speak up! If you see an injustice, or something not right in the world, why would you just sit by? It should be the same in your life.

Reader, live. Don't let anyone else live for you. 


  1. You also have to remember that Yorke is a little crazy, and shouting is normal for him. :P

    However good for you Joie. I'm sorry you're having to move, I'm sure it's hard on you, but know that I'm here for ya. I'm just a facebook message away, and I can be just a call away if you want my number.

  2. Actually...Stop Whispering was inspired by the Pixies and their unconventional music. Radiohead wanted to show how they stopped whispering and started shouting.