Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspirations and Beginnings

The title of this collection of musings comes from a song by the artist Jewel. I have long been a fan of her music and poetry. The soulful and often simple gleanings from life touch me and bring me a measure of comfort as well as peaceful inspiration. This particular song, entitled A Life Uncommon, could easily lend itself to a speech empowering the masses to stand up for themselves and to "lend [their] voices only to sounds of freedom." Jewel continues, empowering her listeners to "no longer lend [their] strength to that which [they] wish to be free from," and to "fill [their] lives with love and bravery," so they may "lead a life uncommon."

The past year has been full of turmoil, anguish, and love (lost and gained).  My mother's ordeal with breast cancer, my paternal grandmother's descent into Alzheimer's, the burden on my little sister that is likely multiple schlerosis, and my own dealings with depression have all been weights that threatened to knock me off my feet. For a time, they did knock me down though.  I was despondant and had trouble caring about everyday life around me. Those closest to me saw my struggles and stood by me. Others showed their true colors and walked out of my life.
I am thankful for both types of people, for one cannot appreciate love and kindness without understanding desertion. 

I see now the chains I put on myself, and I am unkinking them and casting off more each day. It will take time, but even as I write this, I am smiling. Months ago, a year ago, it would have been a rare occurance. Nowadays, I am thankful and happy to open my eyes each morning.  I am hopeful.

I see now that we must be our own Joie de Vivre.
Reader, look around you and be happy. You may find little reason at first, but keep looking. There are always reasons.

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  1. Joie, it is a pleasure to have met you, and I have enjoyed reading your post here. I know what it means to cast off burdens, and create life-giving boundaries around you. I pray that you will continue to seek truth and life daily and find peace and "joie" always.